NCAC Senior Swimmers Swim Lights Out at Senior Champs!

NCAC Senior Swimmers Swim Lights Out at Senior Champs!

I am always happy to brag to anyone that will listen about our swimmers here at NCAC and if you have spoken with me over the last few months chances are you have heard me say that I am so proud of the current group of senior (Senior Development and Senior practice groups) swimmers for the commitment to being the best they can be.  I can brag about their nearly perfect practice attendance, I can brag about the great leaders in the program, or just about what good kids they all are but… what I am most proud of and can really not take any credit for is; that this group of swimmers has come together as a team and driven themselves to become better swimmers.  The consistent energy from this group of swimmers comes from within and is undeniable!

Every bit if success that any one swimmer has achieved has been achieved as a group.  The results are clear; we have taken a huge step together and while our season is not over and we most certainly still have goals on the table we are better swimmers than we were 6-7 months ago. 

I would match the level improvement achieved by these swimmers against any other group of senior swimmers in the country!

Swimmers from Senior Development and Senior Group qualifying for Senior Champs: Jake Barnes, Noah Cairns, Sam Conger, Anabelle Durham, Julie Hu, Michael Lin, Abigail Llyod, Will Macmillan, Ryan Mathes, Justin Morrell, Rory O’Dell, Patrick O’Donnell, Sam Strosnider, Michael Wohl, Ben Wood, Stephen Young, and Bijan Zakerin. 

Best Times: Jake Barnes (100%)100Breast 1:03.30, 100Free 50.83, Noah Cairns (100%) 1000Free 9:32.76, 100Br 1:01.10, 400IM 4:06.11, 200Breast 2:11.34, 500Free 4:43.5, 1650Free 16:04.06, 200IM 1:59.65, Sam Conger(100%) 100Breast 1:06.77, 200Breast 2:27.33, Anabelle Durham 200Free 1:55.36, 200Fly 2:07.83, 100Back 57.11, Julie Hu 400IM 4:36.13, 50Free 25.68, Michael Lin (100%) 100Back 56.15, Abigal Llyod (100%) 1000Free 10:51.26, Will Macmillan 100Fly 51.74, 400IM 4:13.58, 200Fly 1:54.12, Ryan Mathes (100%) 200Free 1:45.83, 100Breast 1:01.34, 50Free 22.55, 100Free 48.60, 200Breast 2:15.84, 200IM 2:02.53, Justin Morrell (100%) 200Free 1:43.75, 100Fly 51.56, 200Fly 1:56.22, 50Free 21.55, 100Back 53.19, 100Free 47.89, 200Back 1:58.29, Rory O’Dell 100Fly 59.80, 200Fly 2:10.75, 100Back 1:01.44, 100Free 55.98, 200Back 2:10.08, Patrick O’Donnell (100%) 100Breast 1:01.17, 100Fly 52.90, 400IM 4:16.25, 200Fly 1:56.74, 50Free 22.95, 200Breast 2:13.73, 100Free 49.63, Sam Strosnider 100 Fly 52.19, Michael Wohl (100%) 200Free 1:41.83, 100Fly 51.70, 200Fly 1:55.73, 50Free 21.99, 500Free 4:44.92, 100Free 46.73, 200IM 2:00.10, Stephen Young(100%) 100Back 54.85, 200Back 158.59, Bijan Zakerin(100%) 200Free 1:52.12, 50Free 23.20, 100Free 50.40.

Well done NCAC Seniors!!

Our Senior Swimmers now focus their energy on their last meet of the season which will be B/C States, Tar Heel States, or Senior Sectionals.  We look forward to watching our senior swimmers achieve more of their goals in the coming weeks!