June Swimmers of the Month

Senior 1 -  Heath Hudgins.  In Greensboro, Heath had a solid meet, recording personal bests in 5 events and swimming the 1500 free for the first time.  Heath also contributed spectacular relay swims, something his teammates have always been able to depend upon.  Keep up the good work, Heath!
Senior 2 - Michelle Lee.  We are especially proud of Michelle this month as she has really taken her game to another level!  Michelle has always had a strong desire to find weaknesses in her strokes and then make adjustments.  All the tweaking along with her strong work ethic success is beginning to shine through.   At her most recent meet Michelle swam 100% lifetime best times and has been a lane leader pretty much every day.  The excitement and motivation in Michelle is fantastic to witness!  Keep it up Michelle!
Varsity - Catherine Yang. Having only recently joined the Varsity group, Catherine Yang has already proven herself to be a true leader.  Catherine rarely misses a practice, and is always ready to work hard.  When other swimmers have questions about a set, they seek out Catherine because she is sure to be on top of things.  Thanks, Catherine!
Gold - Leah Abrams.  Every night the Gold group recognizes someone as the "champion of the day" for their performance at practice that evening, and each night the coaching staff have a hard time not giving that honor to Leah. Coming off a less-than-satisfying short course season, Leah has really rededicated herself to the process of daily improvement that is successful swimming, and the results have taken care of themselves. That's is what it is all about Leah, way to go!
Silver - Emma Sacco.  One word to describe the month that Emma has had:  WOW!  It’s rare to see a swimmer improve so quickly, but when it does happen, it’s surely worth recognizing.  Emma has consistently  made “championship” choices during practice:  leading her lane instead of hanging in the middle of the pack, attacking each set with passion and intensity, and aggressively working on both strengths and weaknesses.  These choices compound over time to allow special things to happen.  The coaches are super PUMPED about Emma’s efforts as of late, and are psyched about what she has in store for the future.   Goooooo Emma and Goooooo NCAC!
Bronze - Zara Pandite.  Zara has shown a very high level of motivation and dedication in her swimming during the past several months.  She is focused during practice, and her determination to improve is evident in her close attention to detail whenever we are working on drills or technical skills.  At the Liberty Invitation Zara swam 100% best times, dropping a total of nearly 60 seconds!  Great job, Zara!
Swim School - Sophie Dokholyan.  Sophie was the only Swim Schooler to compete in the Open Water Champs, and she looked like a pro in the 800 meter event.  The very next weekend Sophie was back to show off her skills at the Liberty Invitational in Raleigh, where she again performed beautifully.  Sophie has grown a great deal during her first year at NCAC, both in terms of swimming ability and leadership skills.  Keep it up, Sophie!