NCAC Alumni

We are very proud of our NCAC seniors and wish them well in the next chapter of their lives!  They of course know that they will always have a home here at NCAC.  Best of luck NCAC alumni we will be cheering for you!

NCAC Class of 2012
Will Clinton- Trinity University

Alexa Mendes- Duke University
Katie Furey- University of North Carolina
Sophie Gan- Washington University in St. Louis
Chris Gondek- University of North Carolina
Reagan Padgett- Radford University
Sam Ray- Duquesne University
Lydia Renn- College of Charleston
Christina Zhou- University of North Carolina


NCAC Class of 2011
George Beatty- Bucknell University
Ashley Cairns- UNC-Chapel Hill
Megan Cusick- University of Delaware
Adam Fullerton- NC State University
Zoe Gan- University of Pennsylvania
Matt Lee- Brown
Mackenzie Robinson- Davidson
Jocelyn Tisch- Clemson
David Williams- NC State University
Michelle York- Emory

NCAC Class of 2010
Michael Baric - UNC Wilmington
Luke Hoffer - United States Naval Academy
Heath Hudgins- Case Western Reserve
Bryce Mendes - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Evan Renn- College Of Charleston
Emily Tysinger- Kenyon College

NCAC Class of 2009
Ken Ryan - Georgetown University
Carly Smith - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Kristina Witcher - Oberlin College

NCAC Class of 2008
Aidan Akkari - UNC - Wilmington
Kate Brynildsen - Grinnell College
Alden Dyer - UNC - Wilmington
Wes Foltz - Towson University
Kerry McLaughlin - Clemson University
Jesse Mendes - University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Ben Murphy - Wingate University

NCAC Class of 2007
Jack Hill - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Marc Clinton - Connecticut College

NCAC Class of 2006
Jeff James - University of North Carolina
Michelle Baric - University of North Carolina - Wilmington
Sarah Stankavage - University of North Carolina
Anna Tommerdahl - University of North Carolina - Wilmington

NCAC Class of 2004
Christina Baric - University of North Carolina - Wilmington

NCAC Class of 2003
Britton Banning-Arndt - University of North Carolina
Taylor Emerson - Tulane University
Adam Ulrich - Denison

NCAC Class of 2002
Kendall Smith - North Carolina State University
Allison Herman - University of North Carolina
Timothy Liebhold - University of Wisconsin
Kristy Ulrich - Xavier
Leigh Campbell - Emory

NCAC Class of 2001
Meredith Green - University of Florida