Pre-Senior I


Pre-Senior: The NCAC Pre-Senior group is for athletes ages 12-14 heading into senior competition.  Our focus in this group is developing the maturity our athletes and preparing them for a successful life, and swimming career.  Athletes will learn how to handle the situations they will be facing with future success in the sport. 

The goal for this group is to place athletes in the top training group upon completion.  The group is designed for elite level training and competition.  It is expected that members have13-14 NC Age Group Championship standards in at least 2 events.  To maintain the quality of the group it is necessary for a swimmer in Pre-Senior to be able to complete 10 x 100yd freestyle @ 1:15; 5x 200 IM @ 2:50; and 5x 100kick @ 1:45.  These standards are the base from which practices are written. 

It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of the Pre-Senior group and athletes are expected to treat their membership as such.     The 13 to 14 age group is a time for athletes to develop maturity both physically, and behaviorally.  It will be expected that the swimmers in Pre-Senior conduct themselves with the highest level of maturity for their age.   To accomplish all our goals and develop as a group it will take a great commitment from all the athletes involved in the group.  80% practice attendance is mandatory to remain in the group, however it will be expected that every swimmer will make all the practices. 

With a strong concentration of talent and training capabilities the Pre-Senior group is a place for elite level athletes to thrive heading into senior competition.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4:30-7:30pm Swim and Dry land
Tuesday, Thursday 4:30-6:30pm Swim
Saturday TBA

Equipment Needed:
Stroke Maker Paddles
Front Mount Snorkel
Mesh Bag
32oz Water Bottle


Lead Pre-Senior I Group Coach: Kathy McKee