Athlete Nutrition

Fueling Your NCAC Athlete 

In order for our NCAC athletes to perform at the highest possible level it is critical that we take care of our bodies and fueling our bodies with the proper nutrition is not only something we should practice on race day but every day. 

Below you find an assortment of articles that provide some excellent information that will serve you well in your effort to fuel your body for success.

The NCAC Staff fully encourages our NCAC athletes to utilize a wonderful tool that USA Swimming has created called the "Nutrition Tracker"

This Personal Nutrition Tracking System is designed to provide you with an opportunity to have your diet evaluated for energy and nutrient content. Use it to:

  • Look up a single food item to see what's in it.

  • Enter an entire day's food intake to see how much carbohydrate, protein, fat and calories you consumed.

  • Compare what you ate to your individual needs.

  • Enter a recipe to see a nutrient breakdown per serving.

  • Track your habits throughout the season and off-season.

  • And More!...

To learn more click here 

This tool requires great discipline but is an outstanding resource.. use it!!


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